The EIS Circus Convention (Nottingham)

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The EIS Circus Convention (Nottingham)

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Circus Interview
The original EIS convention was held several years ago, and had the name 'The Circus Convention'.

For this convention, Katie Bramall interviewed Andy and Vince at Mute and the video was shown during the event.

Vince Clarke - Interviewed at Mute, Thursday 11/11/99

Katie Bramall: So Vince, hello there.
Vince Clarke: Hi.

Katie: Thank you for coming along to talk to all these lovely Erasure fans, it's very kind of you. What have you been up to since we last saw you two years ago at the EIS concert?
Vince: I've been doing some recording, and some writing with Martin Ware from Heaven 17, and we made a little instrumental album. And I've been writing with Andy. We started that in January of this year, and I've just been working on that. I've done some music for some films, and that's about it.

Katie: So have you been having some time off?
Vince: I went to the Isle Of Wight a few weeks ago for a week, four days actually.

Katie: Do you have any plans for New Years' Eve, 1999?
Vince: Yes, I'm actually doing a show. From my shed. On the internet. But it won't be music or anything, it's more to do with drinking and smoking. It's an art piece. So I'll probably tell you later about how you can tune in for that.

Katie: Have you got any idea when fans will be able to hear some new material?
Vince: Well,we've started recording. I mean I've done my bit, I've nearly finished it. I've been working with a guy called Ebby from Mute studios.

Katie: And he's the producer?
Vince: He's an engineer. And at the moment Andy's talking to a couple of people, producers to work with. I mean, all the material has been written as I say, and most of the music's done now so it's just a case of Andy getting out of bed. And so hopefully, I guess we're looking at the mixes to be finished by the spring of next year.

Katie: And does this one have any particular direction?
Vince: Well, there's a lot of manipulated acoustic guitar that we're using. And all the drum sounds have been generated by old drum machines, so it's all a weird mixture. And the good news for us is that we've asked Flood to mix it, and he's agreed, so that's quite exciting.

Katie: And are they any plans for any future tours, I'm sure people will want know if there's any chance of seeing Erasure on stage in the third millennium?
Vince: I'm not sure at the moment. I mean, we want to record the album first and then see how it goes from there, you know.

Katie: So have you got any message for everyone listening to you this Saturday?
Vince: Yeah, thanks for coming to this convention, it's very nice of you and I hope you have a great time. Enjoy the millennium and Merry Christmas.

Andy Bell - Interviewed at Mute, Friday 12/11/99

Katie Bramall: Andy babe, long time no see.
Andy Bell: Yeah, long time no see.

Katie: Thanks for coming along and having a chat for all the fans tomorrow, it's really good of you. So we haven't seen you since the fan club concert nearly two years ago-
Andy: It was almost two years to this date. And apart from hanging out in Spain and coming back to get on started - in earnest - on the album, I've been a slob. A couch potato.

Katie: Good for you.
Andy: It's like being back on the dole again.

Katie: How's the new album going?
Andy: Well, as per usual, everyone is waiting for little old me. Vince has virtually finished the music, he's been doing at home and working with Ebby, and we've got some nice nostalgic surprises in there. The new material is excellent, really good, we're both very excited me and Vince, I've never heard him so excited on the telephone about anything ever before. So now I've got to write all the words, and I empathise with any school people or college people having to do all their essays, because I don't know where they're all going to come from. Twelve songs so far. We're doing it in my flat, we start on Monday.

Katie: Have you got a producer yet?
Andy: We haven't got a producer, we worked with an engineer and Vince's place, and I'm going to work with a guy called Ben who's a new indie guy. We're getting a famous producer to mix it, but I suppose I can't tell you yet, in case it doesn't work out.
Jonny: Vince told us who it was. It's Flood.
Andy: What? Shhh!

Katie: Your secret's out, Andy. Is there anything you've been listening to or watching that has inspired the new album?
Andy: No. I'll tell you what, don't get digital TV. Any of things, they say they'll offer you more services and all that kind of stuff, they don't. It's just more buttons to press, that's all, and you can just watch something five times a week, repeated, instead of just once. And also, I'm quite glad that me and Vince haven't been around for these past two years, because all the stuff out there, all those kiddy groups, I mean no disrespect to the people doing it but they all seem so controlled and clean. People probably thought the same thing about us when we started, but it seems like they've got loads of self-determination but no substance or anything. And I can't wait for our album to come out, to do some shows and things.

Katie: Are we going to be able to see Erasure live on stage in the third millennium at some point?
Andy: In the third millennium? In another thousand years?

Katie: Next year.
Andy: I don't know about next year. There was some talk, they'd quite like us to some of the summer festivals.

Katie: What, Erasure at Glastonbury, doing the indie thing?
Andy: Yeah, do a Robbie. Take my clothes off.

Katie: Oh, that would be good. So are you doing anything interesting this New Year's Eve? You know Vince is doing his shed experiment-
Andy: Yeah, Vince is doing his millennium shed, isn't he? I won't be around, and I'm sure I'm not going to be on the internet either, and I'm sure he's going to be uncontactable. I'm think he's in touch with aliens, Vince, he's not just burning his shed down, he's up there, you know. But it's really funny, because it seems wherever we go to, whether it's here in North London or in Spain, whenever there's a firework display we get a free view. It's always right outside the window. So we'll be in Spain, I should think, sat on the side of a mountain. And we won't be too worried if the bug goes off or whatever it is, I think it's all bullshit anyway, all that stuff, it's just to make you pig out and buy even more scoff for Christmas. But anyway, I hope you all have a lovely New Year and be safe and don't get too out of control.

Katie: So, thanks for coming along, and have you got any messages for the fans coming tomorrow?
Andy: I'd like to say thank you very much for coming, and thank you very much for looking after Erasure.

During 'The Circus Convention' various items were auctioned off with the proceeds going to SCOPE.

Listed here are the items that were available, and those items marked with a * were donated personally by Erasure.

Vince and Andy's ear mics from the Phantasmagorical Entertainment (2)
I Say I Say I Say doormat
I Say I Say I Say telephone
I Say I Say I Say teapot, cups and saucers (4)
A selection of Phantasmagorical Entertainment backstage pass stickers (18, 3 designs)
A selection of promotional postcards including Oh L'Amour and Heavenly Action (25)
A selection of Vince Clarke's Wonderland-era tour passes *
Fingers & Thumbs VHS video in custom sleeve
I Say I Say I Say window display
A selection of Vince Clarke's Wonderland-era tour itineraries *
A complete set of interview CDs (Pop!, I Say I Say I Say, Erasure and Cowboy)
One-sided Ghost 12" promo
Grey I Say I Say I Say T-shirt
Erasure album sleeve with alternate tracklisting and US Erasure promotional CD
ABBA-esque EP and In My Arms Mute internal listening cassettes
Various Erasure and Cowboy-era 12" promos (6)
Various Circus and Innocents-era 12" promos (7)
Circus tour programme
One of Andy Bell's boots from the Cowboy Concerts, painted and glazed by Vince *
Erasure singles box set artwork proofs (6)
Only Yazoo artwork proofs (2)
Only You artwork proofs (2)
I Say I Say I Say pop-up castle design mock-ups (2)
Rain poster mock-up
Buried Treasure and An Evening With Erasure CDs
A sheriff's hat from the Cowboy Concerts *
Andy Bell's trenchcoat from the Cowboy Concerts *

From Wonderland to the World Beyond
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