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Erasure4rum Asks MHC Deluxe Expanded Interview
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Erasure4rum Asks Manhattan Clique

Erasure4rum are proud to announce the return of the Erasure4rum Asks feature this time we Ask Manhattan Clique about their work with Andy Bell on his debut solo album Electric Blue which this summer we be re-released with a host of new material,including un-released b-sides remixes and a stunning 45 minute Electric Dub album.

1. What made you want to revisit Electric Blue?

- It was ten years since the original release, well it was back in October 2015, so we started working on updating it at the start of 2015.  But, as ever, our remixes and other projects got in the way, so it was the end of 2015 before we started work again, but the new version is now 99% complete after three months’ hard work.

2. How did the album sound to you after hearing it again after the passing of ten years?

To be honest, it was hard to listen to the album for many years after it was released.  We got so badly shafted by our previous record label, which was imploding at the time, and went bankrupt shortly afterwards, and the Sanctuary side of things was a total nightmare.  The head of the label who signed us was off on long term sick leave, we had about five different marketing people who all kept leaving, and the release got completely buried.  Nothing was spent on marketing and promotion, and we had no proper radio plugging or PR company working for us, and it wasn’t fair how it all turned out, most of all for Andy who deserved far better for his first solo release.

However, after about 8 years, we listed to the album for the first time again and really liked it.  On reflection, perhaps it’s a little too long, and a couple of the tracks would have been better used as extra tracks on the singles, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

3. What did you find in the vaults that you wanted to add to the new version?

There’s a couple of finished tracks we never got round to releasing, plus a couple more work in progress things that we may finish, if Andy is up for it.  The material was coming thick and fast for the year or so we were recording with Andy, and we had to make a conscious effort to stop somewhere and actually get it released!

4. This new release includes an Electric Dub album, what made you want to include this and how was the experience of creating this mix?

We’ve always been huge fans of the early 80’s dub albums like Human League ‘Love & Dancing’, Imagination’s ‘Nightdubbing’ and Soft Cell’s ‘Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing’, and listening to an instrumental version of the album, we thought key tracks would lend themselves very well to a continuous mix album.  We absolutely love the way it has turned out, it sounds especially good in the car!

5. Two tracks from the original sessions Jump & Jack Of Clubs were never released officially they only appeared on MySpace will these original versions be included?

These will both appear on ‘Electric Dub’, and the original unreleased versions will appear on one or more of the album formats.  There’s another track called ‘Bahnhof Zoo’ that we hope to finish with Andy as well.

6. Back in 2005 fans were treated to no more than a handful of live dates to promote EB,I was lucky enough to attend the Madame Jojo & Nightingales gigs,will you be hoping to make a few live appearances for the re-issue?

We would absolutely love to – would especially like to do some proper shows in live venues with a full band, rather than just club PAs and playback. Again it comes down to Andy’s availability, but we’d like to do a few shows around the UK and internationally, so fans have the chance to hear these songs live at last.

7. Crazy will be the lead single again this time, if it does well will you consider a second single release?

We are working on an updated version of Electric Blue, which might be the next single if all goes well.  We’re in the process of signing the album to a new label, and the favourite to sign us so far are especially excited about reaching all the people who might have missed the album first time around.  The timing is very good as Erasure’s Best Of album has just done very well, and Andy is also being very prolific at the moment. We’re also talking about a new video for Crazy, which we didn’t think turned out very well first time around.  In all, it’s all about the album being given the best possible chance by a label that actually care and are willing to invest in us.

8. Andy has been very busy lately with his solo output with the Non Stop/iPop albums and of course the Torsten Trilogy of albums but EB is more clubby in sound and Andy does have a love of club/Hi NRG tracks,would you consider working with him again?

Of course.  We loved the whole experience of working and performing with Andy, and have sent him a few new tracks for our own Manhattan Clique album, which is definitely now in progress.  As with everything, we never rule anything out.

A big thank you from Erasure4rum to Chris & Philip aka Manhattan Clique for finding time to do this Ask feature,please do not copy & paste this interview unless you credit the Erasure4rum thank you.


Now the new Deluxe Edition of Electric Blue is available for pre-order for release next month Erasure4rum has taken the original interview and has remixed & extended it for 2017!,enjoy.

1. So, why did this re-issue take so long to come around?

MHC- We started work on the new version of the album a couple of years ago with an initial aim of making the 10 year anniversary in October 2015.  We made a bit of headway, then Philip got really busy with his Studio Killers project, and I was stacked under with Renegade, my PR company in London, and we ended up not having any spare time to do remixes for other people, let alone this new version of the album.  We finally got our arses into gear at the back end of last year, we’d been talking to Andy sporadically but he has been very supportive of the new versions, and most of all the dub mix which we are very pleased with.  Just as well, as it took absolutely ages!

2. In a previous interview you said there was a couple of un-released tracks and a couple of un-finished tracks.  Jack Of Clubs & Jump I assume are the un-released tracks (though not the 7" of JOC) appear on the new 3CD set. What happened to the un-finished tracks?  I know Bahnhof Zoo was mentioned above plus the other un-named track do not appear - are these now banished to the never to be heard cupboard?

MHC- There’s not really a 7” of Jack Of Clubs, it was never going to be a single as it's a club groove rather than a song.  Jump is on there and we quite like it.  Bahnhof Zoo we could only find a demo for, and we’d also lost the session files which would have meant we would have had to start again, which would have kind of defeated the object.  That’s about it really  - there are a couple of other really rough demos, but nothing good enough for public consumption, and you’ve got to stop somewhere.  Although we’ve got the instrumental version of the album which might be of interest, although that said, the new dub mix is far more interesting.

3. Crazy 2017 is the lead single for this album,a 6 track download is given free for people who pre-order the album, plus the CD3 of the album has many remixes for Crazy, does this mean that this is the single package?

MHC- This is indeed the single package - which is intended as a tool to help promote the project, but of course free to those people buying the new album.  Crazy will also be available digitally as well to give us a presence on iTunes etc, same running order as the Pledge Music instant grat.

4. I'm thinking that later after its all out, a second digital single could be released maybe following the pattern of 2005 and having I'll Never Fall In Love Again as single 2, the dub album fuses the original track with a whole new funky sounding version that just takes the song into a whole new dimension, or you could go with the album title track Electric Blue which is still a live favourite for Andy to sing.  Let's get to the point, a second single, yes or no!

MHC-If all goes well, we will definitely revisit another track as a second single, but not until we’ve sold out of albums!  We are also toying with the idea of some kind of vinyl release which a lot of people are asking for.

5. When Erasure release an album you have an idea of what your getting, because that's why we love them. Andy on the other hand will release a solo album and you never know what your going to get, for me Electric Blue is his ultimate solo album, so this new edition is like the 2nd coming to see this performed live again would be a dream, maybe having some Non Stop/iPop tracks added in with your special MHC magic added would make this the ultimate gig. How possible would this gig be, seeing as this year seems to be quite busy for both Erasure & Andy with the new Erasure album, the Robbie Tour and the possibility of Torsten 3 looming.

MHC- Andy’s schedule is pretty punishing for 2017, but we’re hoping he might have time to do one date in London at some point, not sure when though.  Let’s see - it would be good to celebrate the album in a live environment and am sure we could do an amazing show rather than a late night nightclub PA which has so many limitations.

6. How pleasing it must be to see the limited edition CD/art print bundle sell out within hours and the album selling really well, how do you feel now that the project is all but done, and about the fans reactions to the release?

MHC- We’re super happy with the early reaction from the fans, and really appreciate every purchase, but it’s very early days - we’re especially keen to reach out to people not massively familiar with the album last time around, and just electronic music fans in general really.  We’d be really grateful if our supporters can post about the album across their social media channels and help us spread the word in the coming weeks.  Big thanks!

Pre-order Electric Blue Deluxe Expanded Edition at Pledgemusic now-


ANDY BELL Electric Blue Deluxe Expanded Edition Released 24th February 2017
Electric Blue is the debut solo album release by Erasure frontman Andy Bell, co- written and produced by Manhattan Clique (Philip Larsen and Chris Smith). Originally released in October 2005 on Sanctuary Records, the album includes the hit single Crazy plus follow up I’ll Never Fall In Love, as well as duets with Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters) and Claudia Brücken (Propaganda/Act).
The new 3 x CD 2017 deluxe version of the album (previously unavailable for a decade) features 45 tracks and over 200 minutes of music, plus includes unreleased material, as well as updated 2017 remixes by Manhattan Clique. It also contains a brand new continuous 45 minute dub mix of key album tracks, freshly reimagined by Manhattan Clique, as well as the original Electric Blue album fully remastered for 2017.
The album is available to pre-order from 27th January exclusively via Pledge Music http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/andy-bell-electricblue
and is strictly limited to a single pressing. All pre-orders will receive a free 6 track instant grat, featuring brand new 2017 and rare remixes of lead single Crazy.
Presented in a bound 24 page book, the package also includes previously unseen artwork from the original photo session by acclaimed photographer Tim Flach, brand new liner notes, plus lyrics and commentary from the contributors.

Andy Bell (as part of Erasure) has released 16 albums and sold over 25 million records worldwide with partner Vince Clarke since forming in 1985. Erasure release their 17th studio album later in 2017 via Mute Records.

Manhattan Clique have remixed over 200 artists since 2001, including major hitters Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Ellie Goulding. They have also worked with seminal electronic acts including Soft Cell, The Human League The B-52’s, OMD, and of course Erasure. They produced Moby’s first ever Number 1 single in 2005, while Philip Larsen has won a Grammy for his production work with Kylie Minogue.

A big thank you from Erasure4rum to Chris & Philip aka Manhattan Clique yet again for finding time to do this Ask feature,please do not copy & paste this interview unless you credit the Erasure4rum thank you.

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