In Your Room (2008)

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In Your Room (2008)

Post by Pughie »


Disc 1 (CD): Upstairs at Eric's (Remastered)[edit]
"Don't Go"
"Too Pieces"
"Bad Connection"
"I Before E Except After C"
"In My Room"
"Only You"
"Goodbye '70s"
"Winter Kills"
"Bring Your Love Down (Didn't I)"

Disc 2 (CD): You And Me Both (Remastered)[edit]
"Nobody's Diary"
"Softly Over"
"Sweet Thing"
"Mr. Blue"
"Good Times"
"Walk Away from Love"
"Ode to Boy"
"Happy People"
"And On"

Disc 3 (CD): B-Sides and Remixes[edit]
"Situation" (Extended Version)
"Don't Go" (Re-mix)
"Don't Go" (Re-re-mix)
"Situation" (U.S. 12" Mix)
"Situation" (U.S. 12" Dub)
"The Other Side of Love"
"The Other Side of Love" (12" Remix)
"State Farm"
"Nobody's Diary" (Extended)
"State Farm" (Extended)
"Situation" (Re-recorded)

Disc 4 (DVD)[edit]
"2 albums, 4 singles and that was it..."
A short film featuring new interviews with Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet, and exclusive archive footage.
Promotional videos
"Don't Go"
"The Other Side of Love"
"Nobody's Diary"
"Situation" (1990)
"Situation" (Alternative Version) (1990)
"Only You" (1999)
Yazoo at the BBC
"Only You" (Top of the Pops) 29 April 1982
"Only You" (Cheggers Plays Pop) 24 May 1982
"Don't Go" (Top of the Pops) 15 July 1982
"Don't Go" (Saturday Live) 24 July 1982
"Don't Go" (Top of the Pops) 12 August 1982
"The Other Side of Love" (Top of the Pops) 25 November 1982
"The Other Side of Love" (Top of the Pops) 9 December 1982
"Nobody's Diary" (Top of the Pops) 19 May 1983
"Nobody's Diary" (Top of the Pops) 2 June 1983
5.1 DTS (24bit/96khz), AC3 and 2.0 LPCM 24bit/48kHz Mixes[edit]
Upstairs At Eric's
You and Me Both

From Wonderland to the World Beyond
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Re: In Your Room (2008)

Post by davekcmo »

These albums sound amazing in 5.1 surround. I wish Erasure albums were offered this way!

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Re: In Your Room (2008)

Post by dcd747 »

IIRC, the EIS ran a poll asking what extras fans wanted with future reissues. Surround mixes were resoundingly voted down, unfortunately. FWIW, I enjoy the surround mixes, too. Although I find the Upstairs at Eric’s ones are oddly missing sounds or remixed in a strange way (see Too Pieces, in particular).

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Re: In Your Room (2008)

Post by mrblue »

Indeed they do and Erasure albums deserve the same 5.1 treatment. Our cries have fallen on deaf ears. Instead, we usually get overly loud brickwalled CDs when it comes to Erasure material.

It really makes me want to scream and curse. Seriously! It's really a heavy-handed slap to the face of every E fan.

Back to the Yazoo 5.1 mixes: I was especially (and surprisingly) blown away by I Before E Except After C. It sounds amazing in 5.1!

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