Vince Clarke Remixography-Erasure/Andy Bell

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Vince Clarke Remixography-Erasure/Andy Bell

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1987 Erasure ‘Leave Me To Bleed (Vince Clarke & Eric Radcliffe Remix)’

2005 Andy Bell ‘Crazy (Vince Clarke Remix)’

2009 Erasure ‘Stop! (Vince Clarke Sync 82 Remix)’

2009 Erasure ‘Hallowed Ground (Vince Clarke’s Big Mix)’

2010 Andy Bell ‘Call On Me (Vince Clarke Remix)’

2015 Erasure ‘Chains Of Love (Vince Clarke Remix)’

2016 Andy Bell ‘My Precious One (Vince Clarke Remix)’

2017 Erasure ‘Love You To The Sky (Vince Clarke Remix)’

2019 Erasure ‘Waiting For The Day (Vince Clarke Remix)’

2020 Erasure ‘Turns The Love To Anger (Vince Clarke Remix)’

20** Erasure ‘Blue Savannah (Vince Clarke Remix)’ unreleased tbc.

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