How Many Times Have You seen Erasure Live?

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Re: How Many Times Have You seen Erasure Live?

Post by Pughie » Tue Jun 04, 2019 5:59 pm

Updated June 2019

BPM Tour 1986
My first gig ever at the Coventry Poly (october 11th 1986),Andy,Vince and the 2 backing singers came on waving 'sparklers',that was the height of the stage set!,a great show and the start of what has become a major part of my life my Erasure obsession! Footage from this venue appears on the live at the seaside video during If I Could. A highlight of the evening for me was standing in the foyer waiting to go into the hall this guy just walked through the centre of the crowd,i recognised him as someone i knew but couldn't place his the time he had gone out of sight,i remembered who it was.....Vince Clarke!

The Circus Tour 1987
The only tour i missed,i didn't have transport at the time,i was gutted. (april 14th 1987 Birmingham would have been the gig)

The Innocents Tour 1988
April 13th & 14th,Aug 10th Charity gig, Nov 15th & 23rd 1988
It was great hearing Phantom Bride,plus the growing number of future classics that seem to flow from A&V. The Innocents video was filmed at the nov NEC gig,that was a great live set being the first gig that they played Stop!,Knocking On Your Door & The Hardest Part.

The Wild! Tour 1990
Dates are blurry for this tour but i did go to about 4 gigs (without checking my ticket stubbs etc) plus the gig of all gigs sept 1st 1990 at the Milton keynes Bowl,the all day fest of great music Adamski,Was Not Was,Electribe 101 & of course Erasure.
The whole atmosphere for an outdoor gig was great,mexican waving galore!

The Phantasmagorical Tour
I only went to one gig this tour at the Hammersmith Apollo,what can you say about this tour?,the whole event and thats what it was an event was brilliantly conceived. The stage set was truly a work of art,the revolving doors that completely changed the set everytime they were revolved.The dancers,Annique & Veronique,plus that star of the show......the technology rigged 'Tank'. Oh ok A&V were great too,just one long Erasure-fest,only stopping for breath during the interval,which also included A&V displaying their balls.......Bingo balls!
Truly the most spectacular of all tours.

The Acoustic Promo gigs 1995
I was lucky enough to go to the Bobby Browns gig Nov 27th,we were met at the door by Janet giving out 'Erasure' promo t-shirts,i was just happy that she remembered my name when i got to the door!
An intimate and very unique gig at the time,being the first time they had really embraced the 'acoustic' format for a gig.

The Tiny Tour 1996
Oct 28th,Nov 7th,Nov 11th-A nice little hence Tiny tour,a minimal set but all the crowd favourites were there complete with the all new In My Arms track from the not yet released Cowboy album,plus the Oxford gig was filmed for the Tiny Tour video. They also handed out credit cards with numbers on for a competiton run with the IMA single.

The Cowboy Tour 1997
I had already booked what i thought were my 2 gigs for this tour the NEC & Bournemouth BIC,then i found out that i had won tickets with the beforementioned IMA single competition,so i won tickets to a 3rd show,which i chose the Wembley Arena gig. Later it transpired that i had also been given aftershow party passes,this was the first time i had my picture taken with Andy. A great tour plus the brilliance that was Heaven 17 as support. A great live show with a great cowboy themed stage set.....a highlight being Vince dressed as a guitar playing cactus!

The year ended with the first ever EIS fan club gig in Manchester,an excellent ending to the year with a free gig for mad fans like me,plus the only time Erasure did Depeche Mode!

Acoustic gigs 2000
Back to basics in 2000 with the 2 gigs i attended,the first being the sept 1st ICA gig in London showcasing Mute acts,the second being the oct 14th Pitcher & Piano gig for Radio 2 with Richard Allinson,this being really the point where the gig attendances were now turning into reunions with my now longterm e-buddies,where we could finally start calling each other by our real names!

EIS Sanctuary gig 2002
December 13th 2002-The 2nd EIS fan club gig,now we were really getting well aquainted with each other! This gig was breathtaking for me,i actually had tears in my eyes during the gig because it got so emotional during the performance hearing songs that i never thought they would play again,it really was an eclectic mix of tracks quite special.

The Other Tour 2003
Feb 19th,May 5th & 6th,12th,14th,17th,21st,30th
My monster tour trek,the first gig at Norwich was my least fav of all gis mainly because i think the venue is terrible for gigs,a lack of view being the main gripe,but i did hear Mad As We Are as they dropped that after this show.
Due to Andy's illness the London dates were put back till may but it just got better and better,aftershow parties and more e-photo opportunities,plus i stayed overnight at some good e-friends houses,plus the 4 hour trek to the Toon!,cheers Cactus!
The tour that got friends together and great times for me.
Also at the last gig in London we also did the G-A-Y gig.

EIS 04 Convention 2004
Not an erasure gig as such,but with Eraser being joined onstage for 2 songs with Andy Bell a highlight for many people at the event. THE best way to get to know new e-fans.

The Erasure Show 2005
March 5th,7th,16th. Another extravaganza for fans,wild forest themed stage set,the added bonus of 2 support acts,Piney Gir & the excellent client. Nightbird being hailed as the return to form for Erasure (i didnt know they lost their form!),anyway a great tour plus the end of the year saw Andy touring solo oct 6th,dec 3rd,playing live tracks from his debut (and excellent) album Electric Blue.

The Acoustic Tour 2006
April 17th,19th,only 2 gigs this time acoustic not being my favourite way to see Erasure,but they certainly put on a great show,revamping many older high energy tracks into C&W hoe-downs a shock for the ears,but a nice one. Plus i met Richard Hammomd (Bass player) & Steve Walsh at the stage door afterwards and they were really nice guys.

Record store signings 2007
HMV Birmingham-only 6 songs 3 new ones and a signing a 'taster' for whats to come. plus meeting the boys backstage afterwards was a highlight.

The Light At The End Of The World Tour 2007
Oxford,Nottingham,Wolverhampton,Leicester & London
A great tour meeting many new friends and meeting up with V&A at all the gigs except the Albert Hall gig,where i met Claudia!!

Mute Short Circuit Festival 14th May 2011
Billed as Erasure & Friends it included Alison Moyet & th first ever live performance of Never Never with Feargal Sharkey

EIS Total Pop Tour re-hearsal The Fleece Bristol 9th June 2011

Total Pop Tour-Cannock Chase 24th June 2011
It rained from the moment the gates opened until we left but it didn't dampen our spirits

Tomorrow's World Tour 2011
Leicester,Nottingham & Wolverhampton
All the old faces returning after a long 4 year wait,but the show was well worth it with that amazing stage set and the new songs sounding great.

The Violet Flame Tour 2014
Reading,Nottingham & Wolverhampton.
Excellent 12" versions of a few classic hits with the feel of a nightclub lightshow.

Robbie Williams Heavy Entertainment Warm Up Shows 2017
28th May - The Albert Hall, Manchester

World Be Gone Tour 2018
11th February Birmingham O2 Academy
12th February Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
23rd February London Eventim Apollo
A disco in the Amsterdam Red Light district!,an all new stage set made up of three boxes two for the Val & Emma and one for Andy with Vince perched on top with his synths and flashing tambourine.

............ to be continued

PS during my years as a fan ive also been lucky enough to go to various other `live` events outside of the usual tours,including the Century FM gig in Leicester during the Nightbird Tour-the Blackpool Lights switch on featuring Andy & MHC doing Erasure songs where we were outnumbered 50-1 by McFly fans! the Lee Mack Show recording with Andy for BBC Radio 2. A few G-A-Y appearances for the Hits! CD release,Erasure DJ'ing etc. The Mermaid Theatre 'It Takes Two' featuring Andy,Jimmy Somerville & Heather Small.
Andy's Torsten The Bareback Saint 'Erasure Family' second rehearsal show St James Theatre London 26th July 2014,Andy Bell Is Saint Torsten Manchester,Torsten The Beautiful Libertine Above The Stag London,An Evening With Andy Bell Above The Stag London,The Pink Festival Cambridge (Andy Bell),The Society Club Torsten Book Launch London. Andy Bell Is Torsten In Queereteria TV Above The Stag Vauxhall London 2 shows.

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