Am I right, or am I just dreaming?

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Am I right, or am I just dreaming?

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I was looking at some keyboard stands when it occurred to me that I'd seen a side-supported stand in the past somewhere (not a tiered Apex style balanced towards the back, but similarly from one side instead). When I went looking online, I saw nothing matching what I (think I) remember.

That is, except this, which, while not being such a stand, does convey the concept of support:


Of course, that's a bit more centered than I imagined, and unfortunately a sign of possible fantasy as it's another view of this:


...which of course is out of Star Trek: The Next Generation. :)

So, as the thread title asks...did I see this? If not, then I'll reserve all rights right here as I think it's a logical design. ™®© 🖖 ;)

"Erasure message board code was written into my DNA during conception" :punch:

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