Brook - Built You for Thought

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Re: Brook - Built You for Thought

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Pughie wrote: Sun Sep 22, 2019 10:57 am
mrblue wrote: Sat Sep 21, 2019 2:51 am Was lucky enough to order in time for a signed copy and looking forward to it. Wish it included a Vince mix, but I've got nothing but love for Paul Humphreys too!
The obvious question is why wasn’t a VC mix included?,that’s a sure fire way of selling more copies,just for the VC mix. I’m sure Erasure fans would buy a copy just for that. It makes commercial sense,use your strengths.
Made no difference at all in choosing to buy it once I heard Diamond Days. Might it have helped sales? Possibly, but the work speaks for itself without any additional production.

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Re: Brook - Built You for Thought

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I received my copy yesterday and listened to it this morning. It's a fine album, though perhaps not my exact cup of tea when it comes to electronica. It's quite good and I'm happy to have it. Plus, I need to step out of my synthpop bubble every now and then.

All of the previous Very Records releases had a Vince mix, which is why I brought it up. After hearing the album though, I feel like none of the tracks would have really lent themselves to Vince's treatment and maybe he felt the same way.

The singer reminds me very, very strongly of the singer from the electronic group Tristraum, whose name I don't know unfortunately. Tristraum only put out one (incredible) album around 2004, and I'm not sure what happened to them, but it wouldn't surprise me one bit if she is the singer in Brook! (I highly doubt it.) She also sounds a LOT like Annie Lennox to my ear. Perhaps someone said something similar in the posts above, and there are times when it was almost eerie (in a good way!)

All in all, a fine release :)
Rating: 25%

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Re: Brook - Built You for Thought

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Thank you to everyone for all the support this year!

Here's something twinkly from Brook, this is a demo version of their new song Here We Are.

Wishing you all a VeryMerry Christmas. :-)

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