Andy Bell at Madame JoJo's Electric Blue PA

This is to include any other live event featuring Andy/Vince or as Erasure that isn't covered by a national tour
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Andy Bell at Madame JoJo's Electric Blue PA

Post by Pughie » Mon Feb 18, 2019 9:38 pm

What a absolutely amazing gig/night.......torturous road journey as usual,but a nice meet up pre-gig at The Moon & Sixpence public house,we met up with Stompydebs,Swanny,erasure fan 1,Kerri ,sparkly(?) & hubby,Kim,Sarah & Debi went awol but we caught up with them later.
Jojo`s is quite a small but intimate venue The Knights kicked of the live music,and very good they were a duo comprising possibly he prettiest guy ive ever seen!,plus a PVC and suspender clad lovely plus 2 dancers,they went down well.
More DJ-ing before the main event Andy Bell`s first UK `live` date with Manhattan Clique,the setlist was-

See The Lights Go Out
Never Fall In Love
Electric Blue
Love Oneself
Caught In A Spin
+ encore of Electric Blue (again!)

What can i say?????.....this gig blew me away,they all were magnificent,Andy was on top form....missing words,false starts all the usual,but thats Andy!,Manhattan Clique were great too all sporting glitter eyeshadow.......Claudia Brucken looked and sounded amazing,ive fallen again!!!,after 20 years since propaganda she still has got it all.I havn`t danced so long for ages...even Cactus got into the swing by dancing and he wasn`t drunk!
Roll on the full tour,you`ll be knocked out.
The third and final act was Stink Mitt.........this was just so indescribable you had to be there to beleive it,but the only way i can express myself is to say a female Laurel & Hardy rap-fest on crack!!!!


From Wonderland to the World Beyond

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