Electric Blue Double Vinyl

Andy's debut solo album produced with Manhattan Clique
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A new double vinyl edition of Electric Blue

YES-this is a dream come true
NO-I’ve had enough,it’s giving me the blues
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Not Interested,sorry
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Electric Blue Double Vinyl

Post by Pughie »

Is a double vinyl version of Electric Blue of any interest?

At the moment this is just an idea from Manhattan Clique and is just a possibility,but your opinions are welcome,a poll is also being run at the UEC in conjunction with this one to get a feeler for the project.

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Re: Electric Blue Double Vinyl

Post by AaronLancs »

I'm thinking give how 'limited' - Google Play Music & iTunes - the 85 track Expanded Digital Edition was when released. A possibly 5 or 6 disc Super Deluxe Version is my first priority.

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Re: Electric Blue Double Vinyl

Post by mrblue »

The 3CD reissue was supposed to be the "Deluxe Edition" with everything but many of the instrumentals and demos were left off. A double vinyl version would presumably have less. So sorry, I'm done buying Electric Blue again for a while.

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