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Andy’s Corset for sale

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Unique custom made corset as worn by Andy Bell on Erasure's Tomorrows World Tour. I have owned this for around seven years now and originally won it in an online charity auction that was run by the EIS (Erasure Information Service). I was advised by Richard (ran the EIS in 2012) at the time that the corset was a one of a kind custom made outfit produced especially for Andy to wear. I still have it in the original shipping package that it was sent to me in by Erasure's tour manager. It has never been out, just opened for me to look at. So the item is still as worn by Andy during the tour. Hence it may have minor marks or wear here or there but they are a result of the wear it had across the tour.

I have included some pictures of Andy wearing the corset in this listing so you can compare it to the photo's of the actual corset and see it is the same. Also I have photographed the packaging showing the address it was shipped to me from in London where Erasure's tour manager was based (and I expect still is). And finally there is a letter from Richard who runs the EIS (and still does) to authenticate it. The letter was signed by him back in 2012. That is all the corsets providence of which the letter and original packaging will be included with the corset for the successful buyer.

Additional to this you may note the letter is also signed in pen by Andy and Vince. This was done a couple of years later. When Erasure came to Manchester on their Violet Flame Tour I purchased VIP tickets for myself and a friend and it included a meet and greet. We were allowed to get one item signed at the time and I took with me the letter and they both signed it in the bar area of the Manchester Apollo before the concert began. We were also allowed to take a photograph and I do have one of me and my friend with Andy and Vince still. If you would like to see this please ask as I will not be uploading it for general viewing in the listing.

A completely unique piece of pop history to own!

From Wonderland to the World Beyond

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